Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactional SMS are the kind of messages which provide information to their customers. The companies use Transactional SMS to send necessary and urgent information to their customers. These SMS are very popular in the field of marketing , e-commerce, educational institutions, retail, hospitals etc .

In a very less time these SMS reach to larger number of people. It is very pocket friendly and very less time consuming. On single clicks it reaches to your mobile within seconds. It promotes your business and helps in showcasing one’ products and services to the customers.

Transactional SMS are not time bounding. They can be sent at any hour of the day. They can be sent on DND nose as well. These are used for sending any type of information like OTP, Bank transactions etc etc.

 Transactional SMS

We at AMYNTAS MEDIA WORKS, take utmost care of our clients in managing their accounts. Transactional SMS is our key business and we here put extra efforts to ensure timely delivery of SMS. Transactional SMS is one of the most critical and important serves as it ensures to take extra care of the client’s needs. Our service is used by schools , hospitals, banks, departmental stores, educational institutions, online stores, salons, boutiques and many more.
This service is mainly used for direct interaction between the seller and consumer. TRAI has introduced this category to limit the unsolicited communication. Transactional SMS are such messages that has informative content: like banks update about transaction, updating on live voting etc.

The features of Transactional sms are :