Promotional SMS Service Provider

Promotional SMS are the kind of messages which are used by the companies to promote or advertise their products in the market. With times the types of promotions have been changed. Earlier the mode of promotion was through word of mouth. Then newspapers and television took place. Through TV advertisement the promotions were been done. Now a days mobile SMS has taken place.

The bulk SMS is one of the best way to promote one’s business. With a single click, the ad reaches to thousands and thousands of people. The mobile has become a necessity for everyone in today’s world. Whether like it or not a person is bound to read the messages which  comes on the mobile.

Promotional SMS is a one stop solution for all. It gives a lot of opportunity to all big and small companies to display their products and to grow their business.

 Promotional Bulk SMS Services

We at AMYNTAS MEDIA WORKS give you the best promotional bulk SMS services to promote your business through which you can get lots of business and can earn a name and fame in the market.  Amyntas Media Works provides you with lots of leads which can generate lots of sales for you and helps you to take your business to another level. The promotional sms  gives a quick start to your business.

  • The Sender ID in Promotional SMS is in digits like for e.g. AD-66111.
  • The messages in Promotional SMS are delivered only on non DND numbers.
  • For the activation of accounts no documents are required.
  • Promotional SMS has a delivery time which is between 9am to 9pm.
  • No charges on DND messages.
  • The validity is unlimited in Promotional SMS.
  • Automatic DND filtration
  • Instant delivery and reports

The content of the message should be short and effective. Promotional SMS helps in giving a lot of business to the people. It is one of the fastest and most effective way to grow the business.